Tenant's Information Guide

Isca Bay is a member of the Client Money Protection Scheme through Money Shield.

The following information is expected from tenants should you wish to proceed with renting a property with Isca Bay.

The initial step we have to do is the “Right to Rent”. This involves you providing a copy of an up-to-date passport and/or birth certificate. It applies to every member of the family renting a property and if you are here under a visa or a working permit, the duration of the permit date will be noted for further checking. If you are living abroad we are able to initially check by use of a scanned passport and a conversation of Skype. Prior to the Agreement being signed, this information will have to be verified in person at the office.

First Stage

It is mandatory that we take up references on all adults who are renting/occupying a property through an agency which Isa Bay uses for an online Tenant Vetting Agency. By Law we are required to maintain on file photographic identification i.e. passport/driving licence and proof of residency for the previous three years.
The references normally include:-
• Full Credit Search
• An Employer’s Reference
• A Previous Landlord/Managing Agent Reference
You should be aware that in order to pass referencing criteria, ideally you would be in permanent employment with an annual income in excess of 40% of the monthly rental.
Should you find that your particular circumstances differ from the above, please contact Isca Bay as sometimes a solution can be offered.
A holding deposit (one week's rent) may be requested which is taken to hold a property for an initial 15 day period, to allow for referencing to take place, and for the Agreement to be drawn up and signed. Please see the instructions as linked. https://www.iscabay.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Scan_20210316.jpg

If you are successful in referencing and you are invited to take the property, the holding deposit will be deducted from the first month's rent, unless we are instructed in writing to the contrary. A reference form can be emailed/sent to you for completion and would request that this is completed and returned to us as quickly as possible (within 3 working days), along with any additional information requested. If a Guarantor is proposed, this would need to be a UK resident who owns their own property and has a job or pension equating to three times the amount of rent. It should be noted that any adverse credit may affect your ability to pass the referencing process.
If an application is declined by the Referencing Company, either with or without a guarantor, the property will be placed back onto the market for re-let.

Costs and Charges

The rent and deposit will have to have been paid and be cleared funds in our Client Account before the tenancy can start, and the keys can be released. The tenancy under the Tenant Fee Ban will be executed (dated and signed) at a date prior to the start of the tenancy allowing time after this for cleared monies to be paid into our Client Account by Standing Order.

Second Stage

Initial Rent Payment and Deposit
Subject to contract, once all the relevant references have been approved, a tenancy commencement date will be arranged. An appointment will be made for you to meet at our office on or just prior to your move-in day, to sign the Tenancy Agreement.
Bank details will be given separately before the Agreement is signed.
The rent is normally one calendar month, unless agreed with the Landlord in writing otherwise. If various considerations are allowed i.e. water, utilities, pets, etc, the rent may be increased from the advertised amount to allow for these to be included in the Agreement. The deposit will be 5 weeks rent (rent x 12 divided by 52 x 5).

Inventory make and check in

An Inventory is prepared prior to the start of the tenancy, it is in your interests to check the document on the day of moving in and to note any changes you wish flagged. The Inventory must be returned to us within seven days of the tenancy start, otherwise any items you note as damaged could be deemed to have been done by you. Failure to return a signed Inventory could compromise the return of your deposit as the check out will have to be done on the original master that we hold

Inventory Check out

The check out at the end of the tenancy is to check that the property is left by you in as good a condition as when you moved in, subject to wear and tear and length of tenancy. If there is any damage to any part of the property, then subject to agreement between both Landlord and Tenant, you will be liable to pay compensation to the Landlord which will be deducted from your deposit.


Pets of any description are not generally permitted in the property though exceptions will occasionally be allowed at the Landlord’s discretion. If such permission is granted it may be a requirement for the Tenant to pay an agreed increased rent for this consideration.

Third Stage

Move In Date
All Tenancies are subject to satisfactory references and subject to contract. Once references have been approved and all parties have agreed a ‘move in‘ date, please be aware that if this date has to be changed at your request, we will have to ask you to sign a confirmation form that the holding deposit date of 15 days will continue and be re-dated for the date you requested in order for us to amend the legal documentation and appointments accordingly. If the Landlord, does not agree to your proposed change of date you are liable to lose your holding deposit and the property will be re-marketed if you go over that 15 day period. Your move in date will be your rent due date going forward, regardless of when you get paid.

Tenancy Agreement

Our standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements run for a fixed period of 6 months. You should seek independent legal advice concerning the contents of the tenancy agreement. You are bound legally to all those conditions once the tenancy agreement has been signed. Once your references are passed and prior to the tenancy being executed, we will send you a draft Agreement so that you can fully understand what you will be signing and if you have any questions, please ask before you sign.

Renewals on the Tenancy Agreements and Notices

Prior to the end of the Tenancy, provided you are not in breach of the tenancy agreement, we will approach the Landlord asking if he wishes to continue the tenancy for a further fixed term or as a contractual periodic tenancy. Once we receive the instructions that he wishes to renew, then we will approach you to find out if you wish to remain in the property. You will be informed in writing of the terms required by the Landlord. You will need to make a firm decision in good time so that any new tenancy or renewal agreement can be prepared and signed by the parties prior to the renewal date. If either party do not wish to extend the tenancy a Notice may be served upon you at least 2 months (if in the first six months of your tenancy the Notice will be served on the fourth month, first day) before the end of your tenancy advising you of the date that you will be due to leave. If you do not comply with the Notice possession proceeds will be taken against you.

You cannot give notice to end your tenancy during the fixed term of the tenancy agreement. Even if you leave the property early your obligations remain until the tenancy ends or a suitable replacement tenant is found. If the tenancy becomes periodic you must give one month’s notice in writing to the Landlord or the managing agent to end the tenancy. The notice period must end on the day before a rent due date.

Rental Payments

If Isca Bay manage or collect rent on the property, the rental should be paid directly from your bank to ours in the form of a Standing Order every month, 4 days in advance of the rent due date. Isca Bay have no control over the monthly standing order payments as it is under your instruction. Please be aware if the rental amount changes it is your responsibility to make sure the standing order is altered in good time.


The Landlord will be responsible for insuring the buildings and the contents belonging to the Landlord. It is strongly recommended by Isca Bay that Tenants have a suitable insurance policy to cover what you take into the property and also have accidental damage cover to pay for any damage that you may cause to the Landlord’s possessions. From our experience this can help to avoid conflict between you and the Landlord during and at the end of the Tenancy.

Click here  https://www.iscabay.com/scale-of-fees-tenantsto see the scale of fees for tenants.