NEW SERVICE – Mediation

Isca Bay is thrilled to be able to offer a new service through its friendship with Sunshine Rentals Limited.

Philip Keddie of Sunshine Rentals Limited is not only an independent Consultant for Isca Bay but is also a qualified Mediator and offers mediation.

What is mediation?
Quite simply, if you are a landlord/tenant/neighbour/business owner, etc. and you are unable to agree a dispute with another person and are trying to avoid having to pay hefty legal fees, the most sensible solution would be to call in a professional mediator. The mediator acts as an impartial independent third party which helps to remove any animosity, and allows for an open and free flowing discussion giving both parties a chance to air their views.

How it helps
Nobody wants or needs the hassle of an ongoing dispute, especially when it can cause a traumatic, or sometimes emotional experience. Using a mediator, providing both parties agree to mediate a dispute, can normally be settled within a relatively short period of time and thus alleviating costly legal fees and stress.

For further information please contact either Carol Westacott on 07850 489350 or Philip Keddie on 07970807703.